GOP Award Winners

Past Gaston GOP Award Winners

The Gaston County Republican Party recognizes outstanding Republicans at it’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner in February. Awards are given to individuals that exemplify the very best of the Republican Party in Gaston County. Awards are listed by the year they were presented.

The Senator James Summers Forrester Lifetime Achievement Award

The Sen. James S. Forrester Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have given a lifetime of service to the Republican Party in Gaston County above and beyond their duties as public servants and leaders.

Sen. Kathy Harrington, 2023
Jim Stewart, 2022
Lee Ann MacMillan, 2021
The Hon. Michael K. Lands, 2020
W. Neil Moore, 2019
Doris "Dee" Beatty, 2018
Viddia Torbett, 2017
Gloria Robinson, 2016
Mary Frances Forrester, 2015
Rep. Bill Current, 2015
Jack Brown, 2014
Sarah Knowles, 2013
Sen. James Forrester, 2012
Jim Brown, 2011
Ed Robinson, 2008
Alice Brown, 2007
Rep. John Rayfield, 2006

The Dana B. Bumgardner Republican of the Year Award

The Republican of the Year Award honors individuals who have shown exemplary service and leadership to the Republican Party during the year of their nomination. This award honors grassroots activists and party leaders who go above and beyond simple volunteerism to offer distinguished excellence and initiative in their efforts for the Party.

Julie Stroupe, 2023
Doyt & Rosemary Ledford, 2022
Councilman Jim Gallagher, 2021
Pat C. Smith, 2020
Sharon Jarvis Moss, 2019
Brad K. Overcash, 2018
Neil Chastain, 2017
Craig Collins, 2016
Edward Dunlap, 2015
Barbara Hammerle, 2014
Craig Collins, 2013
Tracy Philbeck, 2012
Lee Ann MacMillan, 2011
Conrad Pogorzelski, 2008
Ann Lafar, 2007
Rep. John Rayfield, 2006
Kathy Harrington, 2005
Julias Dalpiaz, 2004
John Torbett, 2002
Sally Hambridge, 2001
Sarah Knowles, 2000
Jay & Vicki Green, 1999
Gloria Robinson, 1998

The Conservative Leadership Award

The Conservative Leadership Award honors elected officials and candidates who, either in their official capacity as an elected official or as a candidate for office, have shown exemplary service and leadership for the party during the year of their nomination.

Representative Dana Bumgardner, 2019
Senator Kathy Harrington, 2016

Other Awards

Service Appreciation Award, 2017 – Joe Carpenter