Century Club

The Gaston County Republican Party Century Club recognizes individuals who support the Party financially.  Membership in the Century Club is active for the year it is paid.  Anyone who contributes $100 or more in the year is listed as a Century Club member. Donors contributing $250 or more are listed as Silver Level members. Donors contributing $500 or more are listed as Gold Level members. Donors contributing $1000 or more are listed as Platinum Level members. Century Club membership is published at all Executive Committee meetings and members are given special recognition at all GOP events and fundraisers. For complete details about the Century Club, click here to read the Century Club Protocol

You can see previous years' Century Club lists by clicking on the years below:


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2022 Century Club

Platinum Level

The Hon. Karen Bentley
Mrs. Cathy Cloninger
The Hon. Justin Davis
Ms. Mary Frances Forrester
Congressman Patrick McHenry
Mr. Brad Overcash
Mr. Don Roper
Rep. John Torbett


Gold Level

Mr. Matthew Alpeter
Mr. Mike Radford
Mr. Jim Stewart


Silver Level

Mr. Gus Anthony
The Hon. Chad Brown
The Hon. Dot Cherry
Mrs. Erika Dills
Dr. Deborah Dunlap
Dr. Edward Dunlap
Mr. Richard Franks
Mr. Chad Hawkins
Mrs. Melissa Humbert
Mr. Ronnie Lineberger
Mrs. Lee Ann MacMillan
Mr. Neil Moore
The Hon. Tracy Philbeck
Ms. Beth Stockwell
Mrs. Melinda Suddes
The Hon. Ronnie Worley
Ms. Maria Wyant


Century Club

Mrs. Sheena Amos
Mr. Steve Amos
Mr. John Anarella
Mr. David Beam
Ms. Kathy Boswell
Mr. Neil Chastain
The Hon. Craig Collins
Mr. Brandon Craft
Mrs. Doricia Crisp
Mrs. Lauren Current
Mr. Clyde Davis
Mrs. Shelton Davis
Mr. Jamie Dills
Mrs. BJ Dobbins
Mrs. Roberta Faile
Mr. Jonathan Fletcher
The Hon. Pearl Burris Floyd
Congresswoman Virginia Foxx
The Hon. Allen Fraley
The Hon. Jim Gallagher
Mr. Tony Giacobbe
Mrs. Kelly Gilbert
Mrs. Donna Grant
Mrs. Starletta Hairston
Mrs. Brandi Hall
The Hon. Steve Hall
Mr. Blair Hall
Mrs. Barbara Hammerle
Mr. Chip Harrison
Rep. Kelly Hastings
Ms. Charlene High
Mrs. Ashley Hyman
The Hon. Bob Hovis
Mr. J. Brett Keeter
Mrs. Madeline Keeter
The Hon. Tom Keigher
Mr. Robert King
Mr. Tod Kinlaw
Mr. Doyt Ledford
Mrs. Rosemary Ledford
The Hon. Susan Lockridge
Rep. Donnie Loftis
Mr. Jason Long
Mrs. Eileen Mateo
Mr. Sherwin Mateo
The Hon. Jeff Ramsey
The Hon. Roxann Rankin
The Hon. Donald Rice
The Hon. Marc Seelinger
Mr. Ron J. Shook
Ms. Beth Silvers
Mrs. Pat C. Smith
Ms. Vickie Spurling
Mr. Christopher Stadler
The Hon. Jennifer Stepp
Ms. Julie Stroupe
Mrs. Barbara Tria
Mr. John Tria