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The deadline to register to vote in NC is October 9th. Use the links below to get registered today, or stop by our headquarters to register or update your registration. 

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Absentee Voting Information

Voting by mail in NC is safe, secure, and easy to do. Click below to request your absentee ballot today!

North Carolina Absentee Ballot Request Form

Primary 2024 - Runoff May 14, 2024 - Early Voting Information below

"A Second Primary/Runoff will be held Tues., May 14, 2024 for three contests: NC Lieutenant Governor (Rep), NC Auditor (Rep), and Gaston County Board of Commissioners – South Point Township (Rep). The only voters eligible to vote in the Second Primary are registered Republicans, registered Unaffiliated voters that did not vote in the Primary Election, and Unaffiliated voters that voted a Republican ballot in that election. Democrats, Libertarians, Green, No Labels and Unaffiliated voters that voted a Democratic ballot are not eligible to participate in the May 14 runoff."



May 14, 2024 Election Day for 2nd Primary/Runoff. Locations to vote are below.