The Republican Party

The national Republican Party is led by the Republican National Committee, Chaired by Ronna Romney McDaniel. The Gaston County Republican Party is the official organization in Gaston County, organized under the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) and it's 10th Congressional District level. Visit and for more information. 

Gaston County Republican Women

The Gaston County Republican Women's Club is separate from the Republican Party, but is organized under the National Federation of Republican Women, and official affiliate group of the Republican Party. The GCRW and the Gaston GOP work together to elect Republicans in Gaston County and beyond. The current GCRW President is Alexis Nash. For more information, visit the GCRW website or Facebook page

Gaston County Young Republicans

The Gaston County Young Republicans club is organized under the North Carolina Young Professional Republicans, which is a officially chartered under the Young Republican National Federation, which is the oldest political youth organization in the United States. The Gaston YRs have recently reorganized, and are currently chaired by Adam Wilson. For more information, visit the NC YR website or the Gaston YR Facebook page

College Republicans

The College Republicans are an official affiliate of the Republican Party. In Gaston County, there is a Belmont Abbey College Republicans group led by Joelle Tremblay

Teen Age Republicans

The Teen Age Republicans (TARs) are an official youth wing of the Republican Party. The Gaston County Teenage Republicans are led by Mo Snipes. Meetings are held in his home monthly. Contact Mo at [email protected]