Making History

This week, the NCGOP made history by recruiting candidates in all 170 races for the North Carolina Senate and House. 

From the NCGOP:

As of today, at least one Republican has filed for every state legislative seat in North Carolina, showing strong party organization and enthusiasm as we go into campaign season. Republicans have a candidate in all 50 state Senate races and 119 of 120 state House races, with the final Senate seat (H-24), being contested by a right-leaning unaffiliated candidate with NCGOP support.

"The North Carolina Republican Party has filed more candidates and will compete in more legislative contests than ever before. We are immensely proud of Republicans from the mountains to the coast for stepping up to offer their service. The recruitment success of both party's forever shatters the myth that Republican drawn districts somehow discourage people from running for office. Our democracy is alive and well." - NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes 

"I’ve never seen so much energy in our Party or so much support to keep a Republican Senate majority. Every voter will have a clear choice this November, and our candidates are excited to get to work campaigning on conservative ideas in all 50 districts." - Senator President Pro Tem. Phil Berger

It is great to see the enthusiasm across North Carolina from Republicans interested in serving their local communities. The stakes are high in this election as the Republican-led General Assembly are the only check on Governor Cooper and his liberal tax-and-spend liberal policies. I look forward to working with all of these candidates in the coming months as we spread our commonsense, conservative ideas and track record of success.” - House Speaker Tim Moore