2018 State Budget Good For All

As a result of Republicans’ pro-growth economic policies, North Carolina has its fourth consecutive revenue surplus this year, enabling lawmakers to make targeted adjustments to the biennial budget passed last year in order to address critical needs and fund key priorities.

Those adjustments bring the total budget to $23.917 billion – a nearly four percent increase over last year’s plan – and keep lawmakers’ commitment to deliver a fifth consecutive teacher pay raise while providing additional tax relief to hardworking families and job-creating businesses.

Our Republican legislators are working hard for all North Carolinians to keep taxes low, but to prioritize spending where it is needed. Here are 5 key facts on NC General Assembly budget:

 99% of people will pay less in state income taxes or none at all
 $700 million increase in public education funding
 6.5% avg teacher pay raise
 $60 million more in disaster relief
 $35 million for school safety

Share this information with your friends and thank your GOP legislators for their good work!